What Are the Benefits of Reroofing Services?

Preserve your roof without spending a fortune in the Molino, Ensley, and Pensacola, FL area

Reroofing your property is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your roof. Florida Roof, LLC can help you save big by providing efficient reroofing services. We're a local roofing contractor serving homeowners in Molino, Ensley, Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas.

We'd be glad to tell you about the many benefits of reroofing, which include...


  • Added support against high winds and heavy rain
  • An instant boost to your curb appeal
  • Less waste to end up in a landfill




To enjoy these benefits of reroofing, make an appointment today. Our reroofing work comes with a five-year warranty.



Get a free estimate fast

Get a free estimate fast

We can provide a quote using measurements taken from aerial photos. For a more accurate estimate, schedule a site visit in the Molino, Ensley, and Pensacola, FL area so we can climb onto your roof to take measurements. Either way, contact us today for reroofing services.